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Leaving Disneyland is always one of the hardest things for me to do, I literally go through a mini depression. Aside from the gym, Disneyland is my escape from the day to day bull$h!+. And nothing makes me happier than the fact that my child has fallen in love with it as well. Disneyland is magical and I could pretty much cry because of how much I love it. I also could probably live there and never get tired of it, just saying. But, like with any vacation spot, eating healthy can be incredibly difficult. Disneyland is so well thought out when it comes to everything, including food. Just like the trash cans being 20 twenty steps apart, there are food vendors or restaurants within walking distance of one another. Want a Caramel Macchiato and a delicious pastry from Starbucks? No worries they’ve got that as soon as you walk onto Main Street USA. Where you can also find Gibson Girl ice cream, the famous red Corn Dog cart, hand dipped by the way, an old fashioned soda fountain shop with hot dogs, another bakery and two restaurants across from one another…JUST ON MAIN STREET, killing me smalls! That struggle is real. Yes, Disneyland is getting A LOT better about including healthier options with all of those foods items, especially kids food. I can get little one chicken nuggets with apples and carrots on the side as opposed to french fries and the drink options are milk, chocolate milk, apple juice or water, never soda. All of the restaurants offer salads or healthy sandwiches. But let’s be real when it comes down to it I’m not getting a salad, you’ll find this chick sitting in New Orleans Square eating clam chowder out of a fresh sourdough bowl doused with Tabasco hot sauce. I’m not paying for what is lost likely pre-packaged lettuce, ya feel me?

When I go to Disneyland I allow myself one snack, usually a Churro, and one not so healthy meal. That tends to be my clam chowder or the hand dipped fried corn dog and french fries if I feel like going crazy. You have to balance it all and I don’t think some people want to realize that. It is so easy to say “forget it” when on vacation. Everyone always convinces themselves that they never eat these foods and that it’s okay because it’s vacation. Well, no, it’s not okay. If I ate french toast and pancakes, corn dogs, chicken nuggets and churros for three days straight with a ton of soda I would probably blow up. Vacation is an excellent time to test your will power. At breakfast I fill up, usually at a buffet which are known for having a plethora of muffins, bagels and cold cereals. I go straight towards the eggs, potatoes, fruit and bacon/sausage. Breakfast should be your biggest meal and, though not the healthiest, potatoes are a great carb to fill up and give you energy for the park. If apples or bananas, in whole, are offered those are great to snag and take with you into the park too. For lunch I like to go to Earl of Sandwich. If you ever get a chance to eat there, do it. They have a great selection of different salads and sandwiches. My favorite is the avocado BLT on a wheat roll. Dinner for me in the park is a clam chowder bowl, Disneyland makes the best clam chowder I have ever come across in my life and I refuse to eat it from anywhere else. I know I know I’m a snob and totally ridiculous, but try it sometime and tell me it’s not delicious…I dare you. (And yes I realized I have mentioned it close it six times already, I’m hungry okay!?)

For snacks, a majority of the time, I bring my own. Usually granola, fruit, or Laughing Giraffe macaroons (just the right amount of sweetness, vanilla & lemon are bomb!). Or what’s awesome too is making healthy snacks, like Paleo chocolate chip cookies. Disneyland is great about letting guests bring in their own food.

On vacation you are still in control of what you eat. Don’t let those churro’s or beignets tell you differently.


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