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New year, new…

…..workout! Haha got ya! Don’t worry I’m not into that whole “New Year, New Me” thang. Every new year is a new chapter, a new beginning. But, to me it shouldn’t be when you start living your life how you want or the time when you start a resolution. It shouldn’t be all about “Happy New Year! This year I’m going to __________ (insert resolution)”. You should be able to and can do that at any point in time, not just at the beginning of the year. Nothing worse than starting a New Years resolution and never seeing it through. Okay, I’m babbling again, like a babbling brook…haha. Anyways…

….New workouts! Woohoo! That time when everybody who’s lucky enough to be at the gym when I am so they can laugh when I find something new on pinterest. Last night at the gym was, mediocre. I was freezing, my run wasn’t warming me up like I wanted it to, it had been a week since I had been to the gym (holidays and then being sick meant no gym for me). Then I had the brilliant idea to try a new workout. Ever done a Russian Twist? They are fantastic and one of my favorite workouts. Even if my sister and friend “hot ginger” make fun of me for it, all in good fun. It’s great for strengthen your core and working out your abs. You’ve got to be good about holding in your stomach and keeping your legs elevated while twisting side to side. Which, by the way, you can modify this move by simply leaving your feet on the ground. So picture yourself, or me if you want a laugh, doing a Russian Twist. Got it? You chuckle a little? Alright now do that while balancing on a bosu ball. Hilarious right!? I swear I will get this workout down and perfect it. But, between balancing my body on the bosu and trying to hold my stomach in and elevate my legs all while rotating side to side, it was amazing. I could do five maximum before I felt myself start to lose balance and roll off the bosu. Straight up rollie pollie style. I tried it multiple times, I was extremely proud of the fact that I wasn’t embarrassed failing at this new workout, usually I would do a few and then be done.  But, I have this new confidence and this yearning to try and master new things. I want to push my body out of its comfort zone and achieve great things. Plus I figure it’s a great thing to add the resume. Can you Russian Twist on a bosu? Well, I sort of can? Haha. If you can you should without doubt try a Russian Twist, you can do this move at the gym or at home. No weights? That’s fine, you can do the move without weights or with a full water bottle for a little weight. And I promise, I will get a video of myself perfecting this new move!



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