Get Healthy


So, I love food. I don’t need to use the excuse that I am Italian to justify it either. I just plain ol’ love me some good eats. Healthy, not so healthy, it doesn’t matter. Give me a good meal and we can be friends for life. I mean, unless you hate Disneyland, then game over, that’s a major deal breaker right there. (It’s sad but so very true). How could anyone not love food? There’s a reason that there is a hash tag titled food porn. Food is amazing, wonderful and beautiful. It literally can bring people together from all walks of life.

My girlfriends and I love getting together over a good meal at each others houses. And we are so those girls that don’t need to go out to a fancy restaurant and pay top dollar for a good meal and some laughs. Give us a few bottles of wine, homemade food, appetizers and garlic bread and we are good to go. Though on occasion you will see us out, this is our preferred way of eating…family style. To us it’s so much more enjoyable to be at home in our sweats dancing to the ‘Boy Bands’ or ‘No Diggity’ station on Pandora drinking some wine, beer or margaritas and eating good food. Last weekend a few of us, last minute, decided to have a family night. My dear friend Mel made her amazing vodka sauce, we had two different types of pasta including a gluten free option (so good), a ton of cheese, crackers and delicious wines from around our beautiful valley. Of course we also had an entertaining game of Cards Against Humanity. After that night of shenanigans I found myself craving more comfort foods. And by the way, I’ll be totally upfront right now, I haven’t had dairy in the past two weeks and even though my taste buds enjoyed all the brie and Carmody I shoved in my face, my stomach did not. So this presented a bit of a problem, just a minor one. A majority of the best kind of comfort foods have cheese. Macaroni and cheese, pizza, burgers, just to a name of few. So you know when you get THOSE cravings, you know the ones where that’s the only thing you want to eat and nothing else will satisfy you? Yeah, I had that really bad. I’ve been wanting twice baked potatoes. I love twice baked potatoes especially when prepared in a huge bowl just like mashed potatoes but instead of a small amount put back into the outer layer of the potato. Really pretty for entertaining, but not a necessity when I’m just going to be on the couch watching ‘My Best Friends Wedding’ for the third time that week. But not only do twice baked potatoes have cheese in them, they also have loads of butter and sour cream. There’s no way I could eat all of that. I’ve been trying to incorporate the Paleo style of eating into my diet again since I am trying to lose more weight. So dairy is definitely not paleo, but, potatoes aren’t either. So to fulfill my cravings I need to get creative.

Thank god for the internet and all the paleo enthusiast out there who seem to have way more time than me to concoct all sorts of wonderful recipes. Now since I didn’t want to use a sweet potato, as I am needing to fulfill my savory cravings. So I decided to go with cauliflower. I had made cauliflower mash in the past and it was super easy. The only probably was that for one head of garlic this recipe call for way too much garlic. I decided to not go off other peoples recipes and to put on my big girl sweats and bust this out on my own. Instead of cheese I used Daiya – a non dairy, soy & gluten free cheese alternative, so flipping good and tastes pretty damn close to regular cows milk cheese. I replaced the butter and sour cream with an organic chicken broth and extra virgin coconut oil. Toss in some bacon and green onions and it was a home run. It tasted and smelled amazing and totally satisfied my cravings. I made a turkey meat-meatloaf with just an egg, white onions and pepper flakes, super basic. Comfort food crisis totally averted! So below I a sharing the recipe, you can either follow mine or make up your own creation. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

More recipes will definitely be shared with all of you in the near future! Happy eating!

Twice Baked Cauliflower Mash

·         2 heads of Cauliflower

·         1 package of Bacon

·         2-3 cloves of garlic

·         2/3 cup Organic Chicken Broth

·         3 tbls Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin or Regular is fine)

·         1/3 cup chopped green onions

·         1/2 cup Daiya Cheddar Cheese

·         Salt & Pepper to taste


Fill stock pot with water, depending on the length of your steamer the amount of water will vary, just as long as the water doesn’t touch the steamer you should be fine. While you wait for the water to boil you can start cooking your bacon and clean and trim your cauliflower. Chop up the florets and stems into smaller pieces. Once the water begins to boil toss in your chopped cauliflower and garlic cloves, place lid on the pot and let it steam for 15-20 minutes on medium heat. Depending on how big your pieces are the may take more or less time to steam, if you can cut through the steam or floret with little to no effort they are done.


After the cauliflower and garlic are tender and finished steaming toss it into a pan with 2 tablespoons of the coconut oil, brown them just a little bit. To me this gives the cauliflower just a little bit more flavor. By this time, all of your bacon should be finished cooking, chop it up and just set it aside in a paper towel until later. Once browned place the mixture into your food processor with the last tablespoon of coconut oil and part of the chicken broth. Blend for a bit and then shut off. Add some more of the chicken broth and scrap the sides of your food processor and blend again. Do this until the mixture is at the consistency you desire. Pour the mash into a bowl and toss in your chopped green onions and bacon and Daiya cheese. Add as much salt and pepper as you like and you are all done. ENJOY!