Get Healthy

Friends who work out together…

As far as working out goes, there is nothing cooler than having one of your friends or family join you at the gym. You are bringing them into your world and you have someone there to support you. I have been really lucky that one of my best girlfriends and younger cousins come with me to the gym.

The gym and working out has become such a huge staple in my life that sharing that love with people close to me is exhilirating. Getting that text that reads “Gym?” is so rad. I’ve worked hard to get where I am and to share that with my family adds to it. They get to see why I love spending so much time there and choose to workout so often. And to be a part of someone else’s journey is awesome. To show someone my workouts and what I like to do in the gym is nerve racking for me. I’m no gym afficiado, I don’t body build. I have had my guy friends show me how to do things or refer to pinterest for new workouts. It always ends up being a great learning moment for me to see not only my strength but theirs and that I do know what I’m doing…sometimes ha. I enjoy showing them what work outs I do and effing love seeing them getting stronger each week. It’s also really fun to throw new things at them and see them do amazingly well. Our relationship is stronger too, there’s just a bond formed at the gym that I can’t really describe. It just adds another element to the friendship and a trust factor in sense. You’re getting healthy together and supporting the other, which is great.

It’s also motivating for me because they are pushing me through my workouts. I’m not a quitter and like to most of whatever time I have available to go to the gym, even if it is just for thirty minutes. There are those rare occasions when I walk into the gym and I’m just too exhausted to do anything and I’ll end up stretching & sitting in the hot tub. But when I have my girls with me I try to get through an entire workout. I don’t want to waste their time nor money so I have to make their visits worth the time they are taking. If I am making them push through their workout, I can finish mine as well. It’s also fun because I can find new work outs online and have someone to try them out with me and laugh with when I mess it up and am no where close to having it right. There are also some really awesome partner exercises out there.

I’m blessed to have people in my life who not only support me but want to join me on my journey. Thank you ladies xoxo.


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