Get Healthy

No espresso makes me depresso

So, I’m addicted to caffeine. To be more specific espresso. I’ve never been one for plain coffee, it’s just not for me. But, espresso is like a gift from God. I love latte’s, cappuccinos, hell I’ll even get a mocha every once in a while, all with soy of course. (When I make my drinks at home I use almond milk, I don’t like coffee shop almond milk, it tastes bitter and gross). I could drink Macchiato’s everyday, especially caramel ones. Starbucks did a vanilla drizzle one and it was bomb, but then they took it way. Bastards. I should really say I love latte’s because the way Starbucks makes their macchiato’s is different than a traditional macchiato which is a shot with a splash of milk. Oh man and affogato’s. Best dessert ever! Espresso poured over gelato!? Sign me up. It’s ridiculous how much coffee drinks are though. I spend way too much per week on speciality drinks. I can buy a bag of coffee from the store for around 6-8 dollars and it will last me a week or so. One drink is 4 to five dollars because they charge extra for speciality non dairy stuff like soy. Which everytime it makes me want to go on a rant to corporate. Because I’m trying to healthier or someone can’t have milk they have to pay extra? Bullshit. If I didn’t love my coffee shops so much I would probably bring my own milk from home. But anyways. I’m just being lazy and won’t make it. Which it’s super easy, I have an espresso machine. Also, there are a lot of great recipes for paleo friendly caramel sauces and such to sweeten and flavor the coffee. There’s just something about being in Starbucks or Dutch Bro’s or any coffee place for that matter that is different from home. I love my barista’s. I love that my daughter loves them and that I have built a relationship with them. I can drive up and have a conversation with them or just be handed my drink without putting an order in. Coffee isn’t just a glorious drink, it’s now an experience. And I’m all about that experience.

But then there comes that time in ones life where you think ‘I need to stop spending so much on coffee’ or ‘I should really drink more green tea’. Both, by the way, I have said plenty of times. There’s only one problem to my caffeine addiction, I get the worse mother effin’ migraines in the world. It’s an excruciating pain, it’s my body punishing me for my wrong life decision. And it’s always after a day when my body has had time to realize it. Even tea with caffeine doesn’t cure it. It’s ridiculous. I’m starting to get a headache right now, just thinking of the fact that I didn’t have an iced latte today or yesterday. I better get on it!

But I’m finding it’s all about balance. I’m the person that lives my life in the sense of ‘I’ve only got one, so I’m going to do what I want’. I love working out and eating healthy as much as the next person, but I’m also never going to deprive myself of food or let myself feel guilty afterwords. Nor will I let other people’s opinions get to me. I will drink a coke, I will eat those twice baked potatoes, and divulge into a delicious ghiradeli $10 sundae at Disneyland because I can and I love myself enough to do so. Plus, I just do what I want. So I try and balance it all. I’ve been drinking more green tea, blueberry is my favorite right now with a smidge of honey, yum! And I still have an iced latte with hella Caramel drizz, because I am ridiculous. I have tried to phase out espresso about three times now and I just can’t. My body hates it and I’m miserable. I’m addicted.


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