Get Healthy

Trying new things

imageWhether it’s trying something new or change, I’m game. That was so incredibly apparent this past week and a half.

By the way, I have totally realized I am stuck on a every two weeks posting routine and I need to change that..STAT.

Work, what can I really say about it? Ever since I started at the winery there has been nothing but constant change. I’ve gone through an ownership change, currently through a rebranding stage. The rebranding has worked out so much in my favor though. I get to do outreach and visit a lot of the hotels in the area and meet really great people and tour beautiful properties. I don’t have any of the new printed materials, so that’s nerveracking at times. Thankfully, I had images of the new event center and three cabanas to show off. Finally though myself and my two co-leads got a preview of everything! Uniforms, menu’s, merchandise, it’s all scary, but exciting at the same time.  I was the most nervous about the new uniforms, but they are growing on me. You can’t knock things or be open to new ideas if you don’t give them a chance. So I’m trying to be very open about the new uniforms. Honestly it’s also an excuse to go shopping, which I’m always a fan of.

I can be a creature of habit and that includes my workouts. Zumba is my cardio, I absolutely hate running on treadmills and ellipticals are so effing boring. Ten minutes of both machines and I’m over it. Zumba is my favorite form of cardio, aside from runs outside where I can actually go somewhere and not be stuck in one place staring at the same wall avoiding all eye contact…and mirrors, nothing worse then seeing that no matter how many bras you wear, your 38D’s definitely are not staying where you want them too. I have the best Zumba instructor hands down and could go on about her ALL DAY! My weight lifting regimen is also the same. I was still gaining muscle, but I was getting bored. Getting bored means shorter workouts or me just leaving and hanging out in the hot tub or sauna until I’m lightheaded, whoops. I’ve been trying to do a lot more different things. Work my body in different ways. The TRX has been great for my core. I’ve also been doing a lot of workouts from the Nike Training App. I don’t like doing the workouts from there, I’ll pause it to see how to do the next move and then my music gets messed up and then I get frustrated. I’m sure once I know all the moves it will be better. But it’s fun to incorporate the workouts from the app into my current routine. There are so many different ways to work your body, you just have to brave enough to try them and not be scared to look silly. So get out there and try something new!