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Back at it…again

When I first started this blog, I honestly had no clue as to what direction I wanted to go in. I didn’t necessarily want to create a fitness blog, nor a fashion blog and the title of lifestyle blog is too intimidating. So whenever it came time to write, I didn’t know what to write about. I have so much going on in my life. I feel that my best writing is always that of how I feel. But, do I want everyone knowing what is going on in my life? Not really and that’s hard because I’m a storyteller, once I start talking about something I can’t stop. That’s usually why I try to keep quiet, my thoughts are all over the place. Plus I always think, who wants to read all of my random crap about stuff that they may not care about? Throwing that out the window is hard. No one wants to be judged, but learning about yourself and making yourself a stronger person means doing things that make you uncomfortable. And my goal is to always be the best version of myself, a strong young woman, confident and not scared of the future. Which, let’s be honest the future is scary. The great unknown.

Recently my journey went in a different direction then I had planned it to, kind of. I always talked about going back to school and have tried to go back. But, at the last-minute I back out. A lot was fear, time, and not feeling ready to add-on more responsibilities to my ever-growing plate. Things at work were on a train that was non stop. So much was going on and I wasn’t sure how long I wanted to be there for it and at 26 did I really want to make this my life? No, I didn’t. Like any breakup, it was sudden and in a way not planned. I didn’t walk away on my terms and I will just say that much. I am heartbroken to be putting behind me three and a half years of laughs, awesome people and some tears. I did so much growing up there and met some of my best friends and will be forever thankful for that. But, my plan to go back to school in 2016 is fast becoming a reality because of it. I have no excuse now but to go back and I am. I am freaking out, I have been out of school for 8 years people. Eight years, it’s definitely like learning to ride a bike….again. Placement tests, counselors? It’s all getting real. I have three and a half months and it’ll be here. But I am excited for it. No one is ever too old to chase their dreams or should feel that they missed their chance. At least, I would like to think so. So here I am at the age of twenty-six going back to school.

This time off though that I have had the last 3 weeks has been pretty amazing. I have gotten to spend more time with Aurora and just hang out. Having a total of three jobs was a lot, but I was keeping busy and didn’t have time to think about anything other than work and when I would get sleep. In turn though, I was missing out on adventures with Aurora. She is growing so fast and is so smart, the amount of information her little 3-year-old brain retains is simply amazing. Also in that time I have had time to do some soul-searching. Where do I want my journey to take me? Where do I see myself in a couple of years? What do I want to do with my life? It’s all so exciting. I have also found that I love writing my thoughts and sharing them through this medium or even through Instagram and I definitely want to get more serious about it. I have no excuse anymore. I think coming to terms that I don’t have to write about one topic in particular will open the doors for me to write more and not worry so much. So please, stay on the look out for weekly posts. God only knows what my future holds and as my journey continues I’m sure I’ll have more stories to tell and hope that you enjoy them.