Get Healthy

Quick Update = Me Complaining

Going back to the gym after three weeks should not be difficult, right? But, damn, three weeks was way too long. I am literally trying any and all of my doctors recommendations to see if anything helps my headache or migraines. I backed off of coffee for a while and that did nothing, except make me realize how sweet coffee shops make their drinks. Not local coffee-houses, but their big brothers. Homemade is definitely best. I also went off of my birth control. TMI? Too Bad. PSA – I loathe my period, more than I did last year when I started taking birth control. My cramps literally need to crawl into a hole and die. Then, per my doctor, I lessened my workouts and time spent at the gym. And that is where I am now. I didn’t go for three weeks. Now, I wont just blame the headaches a large part was depression from not working. Not having a consistent routine has thrown me off, aside from when Aurora was born I have always worked. But moving on. My headaches have been off the charts and I have had 4 migraines. Its been terrible. Mix that with my cramps and I am just wanting to cry and vomit from the pain. I am so over these headaches. It sucks having to accept that I will have to deal with this for an unknown amount of time. But I am hoping they are over soon. If anything they remind me not to push myself too hard.

So, with all of that going on I decided to go back to the gym this week. I went easy, well semi-easy, on myself. I did some HIIT on the treadmill. That seriously is one of the only ways I can enjoy the treadmill. I dislike the treadmill and find it so boring. I put my playlist on shuffle and go from there. I don’t necessarily just run one song and walk the next. When I do walk, it’s always at an incline and depending on the beat or what part of the song is playing I’ll adjust the incline. Usually I begin at a 5% or 8% and work my way up to the chorus and walk anywhere from 12%-18% of an incline. I try to do the lower percentages at the beginning of my work out and increase the inclines at the end. I don’t do the same every time though, when the beat changes that’s when I change the incline. Same goes for when I’m running to a song. I go up and down through out the entire song. After twenty minutes I am drenched in sweat. That’s when I know I’ve busted my ass is when I am dripping sweat. I then did legs and all I will say about that is that I am still feeling the effects two days later. I feel like a zombie. It is always a satisfying feeling when your body is sore after a workout, you know your muscles are working.

God, how annoying do I sound when I talk about my headaches haha. I’m sorry, if it sounds like I am complaining and bitching.

And hey, it is officially October…so look out, because I will definitely be getting crafty!


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