Adventures 2016

Mount Tamalpais | Ca’Momi

Time is flying people! I swear it was just January 20th and I was walking onto campus for my first day of classes. It is now February 17th, I turned 27 and am still loving my classes. But, can I just say how exhausted I am? I am doing so much right now and I love it. The exhaustion is real, but everything I am doing right now I am 100% vested in and it is awesome. We are focusing on Happiness still in my English 1A class and I am still really enjoying that. I find myself looking at myself differently in that regard and everyone around me. It’s pretty crazy.

Last month Kyndra and I hiked our first new trail and tried out a new restaurant. Both were amazing! We hiked Mount Tamalpais, in the rain. Not by choice, but I don’t think I would have changed anything about it. Kyndra is in her final year at Sonoma State and graduates this year (WOOHOO) and works full time and well I am in school and working as well so our schedules are pretty packed. So we try to plan everything at least a couple weeks in advance, so we don’t know what the weather will be like. It just happened that Northern California wanted to squeeze in some more rain. We began our hike at Pan Toll, thanks google maps. It was fine, the ranger told us to take Old Mine Trail to begin our trek to East Peak. It was all fine and dandy until we got a little turned around and went in a circle, literally. Thank god it was within the first 15 minutes of our hike and gave us a really good laugh. Our first goal was to get to West Point Inn. I honestly can’t remember the exact route we took, I know Bootjack was involved and that we ended up at the Mountain Theatre which was definitely a site to see. The rock amphitheater was incredible and the pictures I took do not do it justice, though the fog just made it seem for mysterious and like we stumbled upon some hidden gem. What was also beautiful was all of the waterfalls. The great thing about hiking in the fog, was being able to actually focus on our surroundings and not so much the view in the distance. We were feeling a little defeated at times though because we had no other view then what was in front of us. We couldn’t necessarily gauge where we were on the mountain, so we never knew how close or far away we were East Peak. When we eventually reached West Point Inn, we were so excited. We followed a road, instead of a trail, and found a stunning waterfall. At this point though, our map was starting to fall apart…we know, we should’ve taken a picture….we decided to take pictures and sneak in a snack break. Whilst sitting on the ground I looked over and there it was a trail marker, something we hadn’t seen in a while. We both ran over to it and investigated it to see where we were. Boom! Our first sitting of East Peak on a trail marker, we were so over the moon. We had been hiking for maybe 2 and half hours at this point and didn’t know if we would make it there. Another hour later and we made it to East Peak. We jumped around like two little kids and the best thing I could compare the feeling to, was like walking into Disneyland. Just pure happiness. We hiked up to the Fire Lookout. Not much to see other than the lookout itself, but we were still proud of ourselves. We went back down to the parking area and checked out the old railroad. They used to take people to the top by train where a hotel was once located. Honestly, I wish we still had things like that, how cool would that be to ride a train up and around the mountain. Maybe one day, someone with a lot of money will bring something like that back. We headed back down and were trying to go a much shorter way back to Pan Toll, well we ended up taking a longer route to West Point Inn, and it was so lame. We found our saving graces though, Harriet and Maeve. Two very experienced hikers who took us under their wings and showed us the Matt Davis trail, which they said the Ranger should’ve told us to go in the first place. Thanks Park Ranger Carol. It was great seeing another trail and talking with Maeve and Harriet. They have hiked so many places and had so many great suggestions for us to hike in the future. Despite getting turned around a couple of times, the Mt Tam hike will probably always be one of my favorites and Kyndra and I definitely want to go and hike all the other trails the mountain has to offer, hopefully when it’s sunny though!

For our restaurant to try in January we ended up at Ca’momi in Napa. It was a suggestion from one of my Uncle Joey’s friends, Kevin, who I have known since I was young. I ran into Kevin while on a walk with one of my friends in Sonoma. The conversation came up of food, of course, and he said he was on his way to Napa to pick up Pizza. Now, if you aren’t familiar with Sonoma and Napa County, Napa is about thirty-minutes away from Sonoma. I had to ask him, what pizza was that good to drive that far for? His answer was Ca’Momi. Well, from experience of having chef’s in the family, when they tell you something is good and you should try it, you just do it. No questions asked, you just go. I told Kyndra immediately and we knew that was the first place we had to go, who could say no to pizza? I mean really. Ca’Momi is located inside of Oxbow Market, which is really cool. I had never been there before so this just added to the experience. When we placed our order we took recommendations from one of the hosts. If the employees love it, then again, you listen to what they say. She told us to get the Inferno, which had house-cured spicy salami, gorgonzola, olives and onions on it. We also ordered the Burrata which had prosciutto, house made buratta and basil. Holy shit, both were simply amazing. If I had one tiny remark it would be that the Burrata have more fresh basil on it. Seriously though, best 20 dollars I have spent on a single pizza. It was Napoletana style and the best thin crust. It wasn’t thin and chewy, but instead soft and fluffy. I still dream about it and it was almost a month ago that I consumed it. You all should go try it when you get a chance and you certainly will not regret it.

Kyndra and I have hiked our next location and I can’t wait to tell you about how much I didn’t love it, ha-ha. No really, it was a pain in every sense.



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